The preferred method for reserving vehicles is via email.

Eligible Drivers

In order to meet the objectives outlined in the College Vehicle and Driver Policy, Siena College reserves the right to review driver's licenses and driving records of all drivers who operate College owned or leased motor vehicles.

The policy applies to:

  • All Student Drivers (Freshman and Sophomores are Prohibited from Operating College Owned/Leased Vehicles 
  • Supervisors of Student Groups Who Drive College Vehicles
  • Full-time or Part-time Employees Who Operate Vehicles as an Essential Part of their Job
  • Full-time or Part-time Employees Who Drive College Vehicles Routinely 

Drivers who intend to use Siena College fleet vehicles and/or rental vehicles for College business must possess a valid U.S. driver's license.

All driver's must be pre-qualified and appear on the list of Authorized College Drivers before being allowed to drive College owned or leased vehicles.

Eligibility to operate a College motor vehicle as defined in the College Vehicle and Driver Policy, and dependent upon a formal review of a prospective driver's driving record.

Full-time and part-time employees, full-time and part-time students (Freshman and Sophomores are prohibited for operating College owned/leased vehicles), work-study students, interns, and volunteers are eligible to drive College owned or leased vehicles.

All drivers of College owned and/or leased vehicles must comply with the applicable laws and regulations concerning the operation of motor vehicles.


  • All fleet vehicles are located at the Trustco Bank Center in our designated parking area(s).
  • Keys can be picked-up and returned in the Office of Transportation Services during regular business hours.
  • There is a key drop box located on the exterior of the building near the SW entrance for vehicles that are returned before or after regular business hours. 
  • Vehicles must be cleaned and filled with gasoline upon return.
  • Failure to comply with the policies and procedures may affect future fleet vehicle usage.

Six Simple Courtesies for Vehicle Sharing:
  • Fill the Tank for the next driver. 
  • Clean Up After Yourself/Group. Drivers bear ultimate responsibility for the condition of the vehicle upon return to campus. Involve passangers in the     cleanup of the vehicle's interior at the end of each trip. Remove all litter and personal belongings. 
  • Store Snow Brush under the front seat 
  • Complete Trip Details on Mileage Log Record given at the start of each trip 
  • Return Keys to the Office of Transportation Servies, Drop box, or Office of Public Safety as instructed by the Office of Transportation Services. 
  • Notify the Office of Transportation Services immediately of any vehicle problems so corrective actions may be taken before the start of the next scheduled trip.

The Office of Transportation Services

Assistant Director of Business Affairs/Transportation & Conference Services Scheduling

First floor of the Trustco Bank Center - TBC Room 116