Policy Title bus Policy 
Type or category of Policy: College
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Responsible Office: Office of Transportation Services
Owner Contact: First floor of the Trustco Bank Center - TBC Room 116  phone (518) 783 - 2580
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The College’s 25, 35 and 44 passenger buses will be utilized in place of the College or rental vans for groups of 15 or more.  The buses are scheduled according to the following priorities:

  1. Academic Field Trips/Volunteer Service Groups
  2. Athletic Travel (Day trips)
  3. Organized Student Activity (Clubs) events (Day Trips) & “mall runs”
  4. Other College sponsored events

 It is expected that College buses will be the primary mode of transportation for day trips, with groups of 15 or more, if available.  In the event that the buses are not available for the large groups, College owned vans can be utilized if available.  In the event that all College owned vehicles are scheduled, rental vans/cars can be arranged.  Scheduling of all College vehicles, including rental vehicles, will be done in consultation with the Transportation Office.  Please note there are many factors that determine whether the College’s fleet or rental vehicles should be utilized, therefore it is important to discuss travel details with the Transportation Office as soon as a trip is planned.

 The College buses require a professional driver, students and employees will not be allowed to drive the buses regardless of the class of license s/he may possess.  The approved drivers are part-time, not full-time employees of the College. Therefore, scheduling of the bus requires seven days notice in order to ensure that a driver is available for the trip.

To ensure adequate coverage for drivers, departments are encouraged to schedule all trips requiring the bus at the onset of each semester, or as soon as travel plans are known.

Departmental rates are $18 per hour plus $1.00mile* with a minimum of two hour charge for 25 passenger bus and $18 per hour plus $1.50mile* with a minimum of two hour charge for 35 and 44 passenger bus

*as of 11/7/16 subject to change based on gas prices