Full-time Students:

If you have insurance already and are planning to waive the Siena Student Health Plan, please check to see if your current insurance will cover lab work at St. Peter’s Hospital Bender Laboratory, 315 S. Manning Blvd, Albany, NY 12208. TAX ID#   14-1348692 – that is the only lab utilized by the Siena College Health Service for lab work they order for student patients. If your current insurance doesn’t cover this lab, you will be charged directly for the work.

Students currently on Medicaid in Massachusetts, Montana, Minnesota and Pennsylvania should check with their current insurer about the possibility of getting a subsidy from the state to pay for your participation in the Siena Student Health Insurance Plan instead of staying on your current medicaid plan. Some states have found it is less expensive to pay for a student to participate in their college's student health insurance plan than it would be to keep the students on the state plan.

Some students may be covered under an insurance plan that doesn’t permit dual coverage (Healthy New York plans, Medicaid, etc.) If a student is covered under such a plan and does not complete the waiver by the deadline, their current plan may terminate their coverage because the student will be automatically enrolled in the Siena College Student Health Plan with CDPHP. To prevent losing coverage/eligibility with a current insurance, please make sure to complete the waiver prior to the deadline.

  • Waive the coverage via the on-line waiver/decision form if they have existing comparable coverage that is accepted in Albany, NY. Remaining in or waiving out of the student health insurance plan is an annual decision, effective for the entire academic year. The insurance fee will remain on your e-bill until a waiver is approved by the Student Life Compliance Officer. Those choosing to waive the insurance MUST renew their waiver EACH YEAR.  All Fall 2019 waivers must be submitted by September 20, 2019 for a full refund of the insurance fee.

Reminder of the deadlines to complete the waiver:

  • September 20 for full time students enrolling in the fall semester.
  • January 30 for full time students beginning in the spring semester.

The waiver process must be done once every year prior to the start of the first semester of attendance each academic year.  If you process a waiver in the Fall Semester you will not need to complete another waiver for the Spring Semester.

Please note: The deadline to complete the waiver with a full refund of the insurance fee is September 20. (January 30 for spring only full time students) Requests to cancel the student health insurance plan accepted after the waiver deadline will result in a pro-rated refund of the insurance fee as of the end of the month in which the request along with the documentation of existing current other insurance is received, not a full refund.