Student Mail

  • All student mail must be correctly addressed and include the student’s SPOB (Student Post Office Box) number.
  • In particular, when subscribing to magazines and newspapers, remember to inform the publisher to include the SPOB on the address.
  • Student Mail including any piece of mail sent to a student from an on-campus location must include the student’s name and SPOB number. 
  • Mail received without this information will be Returned To Sender for insufficient address.
  • Mail that is correctly addressed will be delivered to each student’s Student Post Office Box once per day.
  • The College will begin accepting packages and/or mail for the Fall 2022 semester starting August 15th, 2022. Mail received prior to this date will be returned to sender.

Student Address Example (Incoming)

Joe Smith
SPOB 6394
Siena College
515 Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211-1462

Student Address Example (Inter-campus)

Joe Smith
SPOB 6394


Student mail can only be accessed by using the mailbox key issued to the student.

You will receive your mailbox key when you move into your residence hall.  Your mailbox key will be given to you by your Resident Director (RD).  Your RD will give you this key as well as your dormitory room key.  Your mailbox number will be on the key.

In the case of misplaced/lost keys a new key must be ordered and your student account will be billed $20.00 for the replacement key.

In order to comply with Federal Postal Procedures, the Siena College Post Office staff is prohibited from surrendering the students’ mail to them.

Mail Pickup

Students residing on campus will receive mail in the Sarazen Student Union except for students residing in Snyder Hall.  Students in Snyder Hall will have their mail delivered to their residence hall, and it can be retrieved through their mailbox in Snyder.

Packages and oversized Letters:  All students will pick up these items in the Sarazen Student Union at the Post Office window.  You will receive an email when your package is ready for pick up, and you will need to bring your ID for your package(s) to be released to you.


If a piece of mail is too large for the student’s mailbox, an email will be sent to the student notifying them that they have a package to pick up in the Siena College Post Office.

  • The student will need to bring their Siena Saint Card to pick up their package.
  • These packages/items will not be released to any individual without proper picture identification.


Mail received via The United States Postal Service as well as inter-campus mail destined for faculty and administrators must bear the college’s full address as well as the department and building.

All College inter-office mail must be clearly marked as such.

Faculty / Administrator / Staff (Incoming Mail)

Dr. Joseph Smith Psychology Department
Roger Bacon Hall
515 Loudon Road
Loudonville, NY 12211-1462

Faculty / Administrator / Staff (Inter-campus mail)

Dr. Joseph Smith
Psychology Department
Roger Bacon Hall


Any general mailing being sent to the entire on-campus student body does NOT require each student’s individual SPOB number or the student’s name (i.e. Student Directory, Alumni Magazine etc.).

Please contact the college post office for preparation of such mailings. If you plan to do a mass mailing, it will be your responsibility to have someone from your department put the mailings in the student mailboxes.

Due to the large volume of student mail and limited number of postal staff, the Siena College Post Office requires that mailings of 50 or more pieces be in numeric order by SPOB commencing with the number 2000.

outgoing Mail

  • The USPS suggests,  that the sender’s return address be on the face of the envelope or package in the upper left hand corner of the mailing piece.
  • This strong suggestion resulted from the post-9/11 Anthrax scare.
  • The sender’s name and department is required in the return address area of any outgoing business mail piece.
  • This information is necessary for the purpose of charge-back
  • If omitted, it will be returned to the department so that this information can be provided.


  • The college “owns” a mailing permit that allows Siena College, by following strict guidelines, to send mail at third class rates.
  • This service allows the sender a cost efficient alternative to first class mail.
  • Please call or stop at the college post office for more information.


  • This service does not allow for a reduction in postage but it is professional and streamlined in appearance.
  • The bulk rate does not affect the delivery time.


Siena College Post Office

Please contact the college post office if you have any questions regarding services offered or postal procedures.

When considering a mailing, please contact the college post office in advance to ensure expeditious delivery and cost efficiency.