Introducing the Crusader to Saint Program, a partnership with Siena College and Catholic Central High School, where you can: 

  • Get a head start on your higher education! Earn up to 24 transferable college credits.
  • Gain insight into the college classroom and curriculum. 
  • Experience life as a Saint while taking courses on Siena College campus. You’ll discover what the it really means to be a Saint. 

While in High School: Start Your Life As a Saint

Your journey to college starts your senior year at CCHS!

The Crusader to Saint Program allows selected CCHS seniors to enroll at Siena as non-matriculated students. Students can take up to three classes in both the Fall and Spring semesters of their senior year — earning up to 24 college credits! Available courses will be held on Siena's campus between 8am and 12:50pm, so students can continue classes and extracurriculars at CCHS in the afternoon. 

The Crusader to Saint Program offers a great opportunity to experience real college-level courses in a real college environment. Crusaders will be in the classroom, side-by-side with Saints!

To be eligible students must:

  • Apply to the Crusader to Saint Program in March of your junior year. 
  • Qualified applicants fulfill the following criteria:
  • Earn grades at B level or higher (85 average or higher) in core course of: mathematics, science, English, social studies and foreign languages
  • Participate in community service and extracurricular activities
  • Showcase college readiness and determination

 Interested Crusaders will be asked to complete an application and an admissions essay, which will be reviewed by a joint Siena College and CCHS Admissions Committee

Saints Save

Save big on your college education through the Crusader to Saint program! Crusaders can start their higher education for only $340 per course, an 85% savings! Take all six Siena classes and save $11,460 off Siena's regular tuition. 


Your Life as a Saint

With a choice of nearly 100 diverse courses, Crusaders can begin to customize their college education starting here at Siena. Courses offered may include:

  • Statistics for Social Sciences (ATDV 110)
  • Digital Media Literacy (COMM 100)
  • Intro to Literature (ENGL 101)
  • The Shaping of Contemporary World (HIST 101)
  • The West and the World (HIST 102)
  • America in the World (HIST 104)
  • Philosophy and the Human Being (PHIL 101)
  • Reason and Argument (PHIL 103)
  • General Psychology (PSYC 100)
  • The Sociological Perspective (SOCI 101)
  • Fundamentals of Spanish I (SPAN 101)
  • Fundamentals of Spanish II (SPAN 102)
  • Astronomy (ASTR 010)
  • Intro to the Creative Arts (CREA 101)
  • Intro to the Visual Arts (CREA 102)
  • Basic Design I (CREA 112)
  • Drawing I (CREA 200)
  • Acting I (CREA 219)
  • Principles of Economics, Macro (ECON 102)
  • Communications Law and Ethics (JOUR 105)
  • Religion in Western Culture (RELG 101)
  • Business Communication (MGMT 113)

Where will YOUR CRUSADE take you? With the experience of campus life and 24 college credits under your belt, becoming a Saint has never been easier. 

And as we always say, Saints don’t sit on the sidelines, so  neither should you! Get ahead of the game and start your higher education at Siena.