Policy Title Posthumous Degrees
Type or category of Policy: College Policy
Approval Authority: President
Responsible Executive: Provost
Responsible Office: Office of the Provost
Owner Contact: provost@siena.edu 518-783-2307 
Reviewed By: Provost and President
Reviewed Date: 19 April 2021
Last Revised and Effective Date of Revision: 19 April 2021

Brief Overview of the Policy

Describes the procedures and criteria for granting a posthumous degree in the event of the death of a currently enrolled student.

Reason for Policy

To provide for the granting of posthumous degree in the event of the death of a currently enrolled student.

Scope of the Policy: Entities or Individuals affected by this policy

▪ All members of the Siena College community

The Official Policy

 Siena College values compassionate concern for all members of the college community. In the unfortunate circumstance that a student dies without completing all the requirement for their degree, program faculty or other community members may request awarding a posthumous degree when the student has substantially completed the requirements for the degree and is in good academic standing.

Requests should be submitted to the Chair of the student’s major department who will forward the department’s recommendation to the School Dean. The Dean then submits the request to the Provost and the President for approval who will seek approval from the Board of Trustees. To be awarded a posthumous bachelor’s degree the student should have achieved senior status (minimum of 90 credits). To be awarded a posthumous master’s degree the student should have completed 75% of the required credits If a deceased student is not eligible for the posthumous degree, the college may award a certificate of recognition at the discretion of the President.

Adopted: 19 April 2021

Reviewed: 19 April 2021

Revised: 19 April 2021