Policy Title Pass/ Fail Option Policy
Type or category of Policy: College Policy
Approval Authority: Provost
Responsible Executive: Provost and Senior Vice President
Responsible Office: Academic Affairs
Owner Contact: Registrar’s Office
Reviewed By:  
Reviewed Date:  
Last Revised and Effective Date of Revision: Has been in effect for several years, placed in policy format October 22, 2020

Reason for Policy

This policy outlines the conditions under which students can choose the option of Pass/Fail grading in a course and the process for submitting requests for this option.

Scope of the Policy: Entities or Individuals affected by this policy

▪ All faculty, administration, and staff members involved in student grading and academic support.

The Official Policy


The pass/fail option is designed to encourage students to take courses outside of their major fields without affecting the grade point average.

The Pass-Fail Option is subject to the following conditions:

  1. A student may not take any courses in the major, auxiliary courses for the major, minor, college core, concentration or the common business requirement of the business core unless that particular area of their CAPP report is met with a graded course(s).
  2. Full-time, matriculated students may elect to take one course each semester (excluding Summer Sessions) to a maximum of eight (8) courses toward graduation on the pass-fail option.

    Part-time, matriculated students may exercise the option by being registered for at least six (6) credits in the semester in which the pass-fail course is chosen.
  3. Courses offered only on a pass/fail basis do not count as part of the eight-course pass/fail option limit. See catalog for courses offered only as pass/fail.
  4. A pass-fail grade, P or Z, will not affect a student’s quality point index.
  5. A Pass (P) grade includes the letter grades from A to D-. Course credit and attached attributes are awarded. A Failure (Z) grade includes the letter grade of F. No credit is awarded.
  6. The intention to choose a course on the pass-fail option must be filed with the Office of the Registrar by the deadline posted in the college catalog and/or Academic Calendar.
  7. Instructors are not notified of a student’s choice of the Pass/Fail option until final grades are processed.
  8. The original grade, if available, will not be released to the student, listed on a transcript, or transmitted to another individual or college.
  9. The Office of the Registrar will review this form and make a final determination of the student’s request.

* Resources

Pass/Fail Option Form

Adopted: date unknown.

Reviewed: date unknown.

Revised: Posted October 22, 2020