The purpose of this policy is to provide accurate and timely information to both internal and external constituencies. A central clearinghouse and repository will allow us to begin to build a database for tracking and reporting during a student’s academic career. The Office of Internships is now the administrative clearinghouse or repository for both non-credit and credit bearing internships. Employers and organizations wishing to post an internship opportunity have the option to contact the Office of Internships and indicate their interest in a Siena intern and provide details regarding the type of experience they would provide a student, whether they want the internship to be credit bearing or not and whether the experience will be compensated. All internships are to be reported to the Office of Internships in order to prepare the necessary reporting documents. The database will be developed and shared by the Office of Internships. 

If the organization indicates a credit bearing experience is preferred, the Office of Internships will now contact the appropriate faculty internship coordinator with the information. The faculty member will let the Office of Internships know if the opportunity should be posted to students as credit bearing, or whether it will be handled as a non credit opportunity. While there are advantages in creating a centralized repository of information, the unique needs of the some departments must be respected. Any department has the ability to record an internship opening as “by permission of the instructor.” This will protect the cultivated relationships that may exist. It is the responsibility of the departmental internship director to provide the Office of Internships with any special requests related to the posting or sharing of information. If the internship is not credit bearing, the Office of Internships will continue to post non-credit bearing internships through the Handshake database.

A credit-bearing internship falls entirely within the purview of supervising faculty. Credit bearing internships require permission and the approval of the appropriate faculty member, and/or school internship coordinator and must have a defined number of on-site hours. Further, such internships require students to have a minimum GPA and class standing, as prescribed by the department or school. Students are required to meet with a faculty internship coordinator to discuss the furtherance of such opportunities.