Pandemic/Emergency Preparedness

  1. You are instructed to bring all texts and a copy of the syllabus/course schedule home with you in the event of a college closure. The academic calendar will be adjusted upon reopening, so be prepared for the possibility of a short mini-semester, rescheduled class/exam period, and/or rescheduling of the semester, depending on the length of the closure.
  2. If your situation permits, you should continue with readings and assignments to the best of your ability, per the course schedule.
  3. You will be given instructions regarding how to deal with paper assignments requiring library or other required research by me, as needed. 
  4. I will use online office hours to maintain contact with my students. You will be able to “check-in” with questions that you have. If you do not have internet access available, I will also provide my home phone number and home address, as needed. Remember, internet, mail delivery, and telephone services may also be impacted by a pandemic or other emergency event.
  5. Finally, stay connected to information regarding the college’s status and reopening schedule by monitoring the Siena website,