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Clare McCrudden '21 intends to use her degree from Siena to make a difference in the classroom. It's a noble story, but in the McCrudden household, not an original one. 

Joseph McCrudden '54 majored in sociology at Siena and then taught in the Capital Region. Two generations later, his granddaughter graduated from Siena with a degree in sociology and just landed her first teaching job in the Capital Region. The apple doesn't fall from McCrudden tree. Actually, apples. Plural.

Clare's grandmother was also a school teacher and so was her mom. She has an uncle who teaches history, and two aunts who work in New York schools (one is a guidance counselor and the other is a speech pathologist). This fall, Clare will be teaching history at Troy Prep High School. 

Troy Prep is a free charter school open to all Troy residents. Many of the children come from disadvantaged neighborhoods, but a seat in Troy Prep gives each student an opportunity. Service is often portrayed as healing the sick or feeding the hungry. As Clare points out, service also includes empowering students through teaching.

"Education is the most powerful tool you can give someone. But it's more than teaching a person how to read, I want to teach students how to think critically, how to succeed in life. I want to make sure students from lower income communities have access to a first-rate education."

Clare has always loved working with children, she participated in the Urban Scholars program while at Siena, teaching elementary and middle school students from Albany. But, professionally, she decided to pursue high school education. Clare was fortunate to learn from a high school teacher who made an impact in her life. She wants to build relationships and mentor students in the same way. 

"When you care about your students and when you care about their lives outside of school, it becomes that much easier to make a difference in their lives."

"I am so incredibly grateful to have had the experiences I had during my time at Siena. I can't wait to utilize the skills and tools I have learned in my own classroom this year! These kids don't know what they're in for!"

Clare McCrudden '21