School of Business

Talaya Wilkins ’07, vice president for content strategy at Madison Square Garden, returned to her alma mater on April 29 to give the keynote address at the annual Ted R. Winnowski '63 Student Conference in Business.

Students from every department in the School of Business were invited to submit academic papers for presentation. Wilkins said she hopes the students realize that time is their most precious gift. 

“Use time with intention,” she said. “It will take time to develop the skill sets, resources, capabilities and institutional knowledge to do your job at the highest level. Commit to the process.”

Wilkins said her personal definition of success includes being a lifetime resource, being innovative when your creativity is shattered by a lack of recognition, and being your gift and sharing it with the world.

"The campus was exactly how I remembered it 15 years ago. I truly appreciated the familiar faces that lit up when I entered the room, as well as the students who took the time to ask thoughtful questions."

Talaya Wilkins '07