Golf carts typically sit idle at golf courses throughout winter. This year, a fleet of carts is getting out-of-season action, making it easier for accepted students to get a quicker look at campus.

The best way to experience one of America's top 50 most beautiful campuses is by foot. Of course, in February, that logic can be challenged. Because of the cold (or wind or snow or freezing rain), it's not practical to take walking tours up to Snyder Hall, for example. On golf carts, though, all of campus can be seen in the time it takes to play a long par 5. 

This week, the Admissions staff hosted Accepted Saints Week, and more than 400 families have enjoyed individual golf cart tours. Dozens of student tour guides were trained and mobilized for the tours. In fact, Lauren Waters '23 has already circled campus in her golf cart 17 times this week!

What are the families saying? See below... 

After each tour, families are offered an opportunity to provide anonymous feedback. Here are few responses:

"We’ve been on a bunch of college tours and our tour guide was the best we've ever had, hands down!"

"The tour, and everything associated with it was wonderful!!! :)"

"The golf carts were really fun!"

Also, one suggestion:

"A ramp to do jumps with the golf carts would have been a great addition to the tour."