If the topic of living with college roommates has been top of mind for you ever since you toured the dorms at Siena or first saw Pitch Perfect, settle in for this fun convo. 

Devon, Kyle, Tristan, Stephen, Jake, and Lucian are all Siena seniors who live together—and (sort of) have been from the beginning. If anyone knows how to make the most of roommate life, it’s them. 

Here, a few of the guys tell their story. 

How long have you been living together? When did you first meet?

Jake: It all began freshman fall semester. We didn’t know each other prior to arriving at Siena and all met through orientation or by familiar faces. I actually met Devon first because some of his family and my family are from the same area. I met Tristan and Luke soon after. I met Kyle and Steve within the first couple of weeks because they were in a different hallway, but when we all met, we instantly became friends. 

Kyle: I lived in a separate hallway with just Steve freshman year. I met Luke and Jake quickly from mutual friends. I began living with Luke second semester freshman year and have every year since. I didn’t meet Tristan and Devon until second semester freshman year, and that’s when this friend group was born.

Lucian: We all met freshman year as we all lived in Ryan Hall; most of us were even in the same hallway. None of us knew each other before coming, but were instant friends through orientation or the first few weeks of classes. 

Devon: As Luke stated it all started in Ryan Hall, hallway 2 North. I had a random roommate who I didn't know and we each did our own thing. But because I was distant from my roommate, I met the rest of the guys while making friends in the hallway. Jake was two doors down from me and then Tristan was diagonal, so it just grew from there.  

What was the roommate process like when you were a freshman… did you get paired up based on interests? 

Jake: I was paired up based on common interests/everyday habits (i.e. waking up early, going to bed early, etc.)

Devon: A roommate survey was sent out for people who didn't already have their roommates, to match people up with similar lifestyles. 

Kyle: I went in random and I was put into an increased occupancy triple with two other students. I ended up switching out of this and into a normal double with Luke.

What did you THINK living with a roommate at college would be like?

Devon: I have never had a roommate of any type, ever in my life. So having a roommate, especially someone I have never met, was very nerve racking. I thought that having a roommate entailed much less sleep and a lot of disagreements. You see a lot of things online of kids doing stupid things to each other and doing crazy stuff in the dorms. I like my stuff so I was worried there were going to be issues surrounding that whole concept. 

Jake: I never lived with a roommate of any type beforehand prior to coming to college. I didn’t know what to expect. Luckily, at the time, I had met my freshman year roommate at an Accepted Student event so we connected there and became roommates. That worked well for the first year of school. Us six have never had the chance to live under the same roof until this year, and it has been a great time. 

So… what is it actually like?

Devon: For me the thoughts I had going into it couldn't have been further from the truth. I didn't know my original roommate at all and there were never any issues. We did our own thing; there was a mutual respect of each other’s stuff and we had similar schedules so it worked. As I started to room with people who I knew and enjoyed hanging out with the process got even easier. There was better dialogue and we created long-lasting relationships. My roommates have become my best friends and we have created a level or trust with each other that is unmatched. We have also had a lot of fun but knowing one another we understand where the line is and not to cross it. 

Any advice for high school students who are nervous about not knowing their roommates beforehand?

Lucian: I was also nervous in the beginning, but with all the social media platforms now I actually met my “randomized” roommate before we moved in which calmed my nerves. But also with your class load and the countless clubs and activities on campus, I found I did not spend a ton of time in my dorm outside of sleeping. I found an incredible group of friends and we would all do stuff together when we had free time. Siena is full of amazing people; I still meet new ones every day, even as a senior. 

Any advice for high school students who are nervous about simply living in close quarters with other people—including their friends?!

Devon: Just embrace it. Find a group of people who you enjoy spending your time with and everything will work out. Close quarters can be a blessing and a curse but oftentimes there are more positives than negatives. You may get less sleep than you ever have in your life, but usually it will be on the nights that you meet your best friends or are just enjoying life in college. And honestly, worst case scenario, there is always an RA to help deal with the issues. If the situation is bad enough they will always find you a new roommate—so one bad situation isn't the end. Living with other people really is a lot more fun than you would expect it to be. 

Favorite housing options at Siena?

Jake: MacClosky 25

Devon: MacClosky Townhouse 25!

Since you’re all seniors, what will you miss most about Siena? 

Lucian: Wayyyyyy too soon for this question. But what I will miss the most is the little memories I’ve made with everyone in here when we all have free time and just do something we all enjoy. Cannot express all the amazing times Siena has brought to me and memories that I will cherish forever. 

Devon: None of us are really from the same areas; our hometowns are not as close geographically as close as we are living at Siena. So… part of post grad is obviously going back to our respective places or moving to new places which is going to be hard—not being close enough to just walk right into their rooms is something that I will miss a lot. After we leave there is much more that we will be able to do in this new chapter which will be different from anything that we have done at Siena. This place gave us some great memories—whether it was spending a week in Madrid together or just getting breakfast on Saturday mornings in the dining hall—the 24/7 bond of having to be together will be missed… :(

Jake: Not ready to answer this, but just all the little memories we’ve made. Siena will always have a place to me in my heart and will be something that I will cherish forever. 

Kyle: I have enjoyed so much of my time here, it feels impossible to pick one thing. I’ll mostly miss the band of brothers in our house and the countless memories we’ve made and will continue to make together. Our friend group has a knack for making the most of every situation and always creating fun for ourselves. I will miss all of the ridiculous games and obscure jokes that will stick with me forever.

Ah, if walls could talk. So, want to see those MacClosky townhouses?