Siena student Courtney Baldwin has always been "the healthy friend," she says. Though she had always been an athlete, she realized she was unhappy playing sports. 

"I realized that sports weren't for me," Baldwin says. So she stopped playing field hockey "and immediately found happiness." She discovered foods that fueled her body and found people who motivated her to do better in school and at the gym.

She started an Instagram account to document her healthy habits and now heads an active community of college students who want to live healthy. 

We asked her a few questions about her Insta. 

When and why did you start an Insta account devoted to healthy living?

Back in high school I ran the Instagram I have now, with a completely different name: fieldhockeyfitness. It wasn't until my sophomore year of college that I actually went back on it and started posting. I was inspired by a good friend of mine and am so happy that she got me back into it. The reason I returned to the account is because I wanted to not only hold myself accountable but also help others with balancing nutrition in fitness as a college student.