1. I have designed for national and regional music tours, theatre shows, business conferences, conventions, weddings, and architectural displays. I have also worked on music video productions, artist meet-and-greets, and production management. One of my favorite music industry experiences was working with my two friends, singer-songwriters H.B. Monte and Dustin Tavella. If Dustin’s name sounds familiar, he just won this year’s America’s Got Talent doing magic! In 2012 Joe Frumusa ‘12 interviewed Dustin and H.B. on SCTV Ch. 17, later that year, we stopped back at Siena during Senior Week, and put on a show/dance party in Foy Hall. I seem to have come full circle.

2. Speaking of design, one of the things I enjoy most is integrating innovative technology into my designs. In 2018, Krysta Dennis and I produced one of her original plays called Dutch at Historic Cherry Hill. The show consisted of two acts, one that took place LIVE at Historic Cherry Hill, and another which took place in VR on board a ship. We had created a full immersive VR experience in theatre a year before the popular Hamlet 360 came to VR headsets.

3. In my free time, I like rewiring my house to make it a complete smart home. At this point there is very little left that you cannot do with your voice in my house, but I was forced to leave in all the physical light switches for my family members who “don’t like talking to robots.”

4. I have two dogs. Louis Longfellow is our 6-year-old Cardigan Corgi and Phinnaeus Underfoot, our 3-year-old Golden Retriever. We adopted Phinnaeus to work on our tree farm, but due to the pandemic he has been working from home!

5. I am an avid boater and spend most of my summer weekends on my boats on Kinderhook Lake and Sacandaga Lake. Some of my classmates from Siena and I get together every year for the 4th of July on Kinderhook Lake. 

6. When I am not working or on the lake, I am golfing. I belong to Shaker Ridge Country Club and am a member of the Board of Governors.

7. When the weather gets cold, I put away the golf clubs and get out the skis. I am a season pass holder at Jiminy Peak and enjoy skiing with Krysta, Tim Reno and Zach Brimmer! I grew up skiing and playing hockey, and often take my lunch breaks ice skating at local hockey rinks.

8. Just like Father Larry, I had a previous life working as a radio host. In 2009, while a student at Siena I started my radio career hosting This Space for Rent with John Daley ’11 on WVCR The Saint. Shortly after that, I got a gig hosting overnights and weekends on Fly 92.3. I did that for a few years, including hosting live events, and Club Fly Mixshow. After that I moved (literally) across the hall to the sister station 100.9 The Cat. If you come into the theatre at Siena, you may even see a piece of my past radio life.

9. Speaking of radio, I am also a professional DJ. You will not see me spinnin' records anytime soon at an event, but I still have my turntables and practice often. I used to mix for Fly 92.3, Conway Entertainment Professional DJ Service, and was a member of the band Funk Evolution. In 2013 I DJ’d for Food Network's Cupcake Wars for the finale. My stage name was DJ MyLow. It started as MILO, which is the first two letters of my first name and last name, but MILO was already taken, so based on a suggestion from another radio host, I changed it to DJ MyLow. While I do not DJ out anymore, I am heavily involved in the day-to-day operation of Conway Entertainment. Also, Father Dennis and I plan on doing a DJ performance together, but more to come on that!

10. I believe that there is a solution to every problem. I like to find those solutions using creativity and innovation. I am a self-proclaimed manual reader and try to utilize technology to 100% of its capabilities.