Center for International Programs
  1. I grew up in Albany and went to Christian Brothers Academy for high school. For those who don't know, CBA is an all-boys military school - a bit different from a traditional high school experience. We marched and practiced drills once a week, participated in parades in Albany and NYC, and during my senior year, I served as an officer in our school's brigade and got an official West Point cadets' sword to carry around during official events.
  2. I'm an avid runner. It all started in high school when my uncle and I ran the Troy Turkey Trot in 2008 and I was instantly hooked. Running is like yoga for me - I can zone out completely and be at total peace. If I'm ever late to work, it's often because I'm out running that morning!
  3. Growing up, my dream job was an architect. (I thought it was so cool that someone could just design a building.) Now, I love to learn the architectural history of anywhere I go. In fact, I just moved into a new neighborhood in Albany with two streets of Spanish Revival-style houses right at my backdoor. The houses were built in the early 1900s and although funds were reserved for nearly 60 homes, only 27 were built - likely due to the Great Depression.
  4. I love listening to soundtracks that fit my mood or activity. When I'm busy at work, playing the soundtrack to The Social Network or Gravity really keeps me focused, but when I'm running, I tend to enjoy more high-energy tunes or even horror movie soundtracks. (One time I was out on a run, without headphones, listening to the Us soundtrack and I got quite a number of confused and terrified looks from fellow runners!)
  5. I graduated from Siena in 2015 with a B.A. in English, but I was actually an undecided major for the first year and a half of college. I had no clue what I wanted to major in until my advisor at the time, Dr. Daly, asked what I liked most about my classes. I told her I enjoyed writing long papers on abstract theories or unique research topics, so she encouraged me to try English. After that first class of Great Books, I was sold.
  6. While I was a student at Siena, I was the co-chair of Mr. Siena (the Habitat for Humanity mock-male beauty pageant fundraiser) for four years. I avoided getting up on stage the first three years, but I gained enough courage my senior year to join a dance with the contestants to Beyonce's "Single Ladies."
  7. I have a nerdy passion for social media, and my graduate studies focused on rhetorical strategies and identity performances on Twitter. One of my greatest "humblebrags" is that I once wrote a research paper on how Ralph Waldo Emerson would use Twitter. I even created a fake account for him and transcribed his greatest speeches into 140-character tweets!
  8. Inspired by my semester abroad in Scotland, I taught English in Poznan, Poland for a year after college through the Fulbright U.S. Student Program. I was the instructor for about 90 undergraduate and graduate students, and my lessons focused on English speaking, writing, and communicative effectiveness. It was a phenomenal experience and I've been able to give back to Siena by advising students on their Fulbright applications for the last six years!
  9. I'm starting my first semester of doctoral studies this fall at the University of Albany in their Educational Policy and Leadership program. I'm aiming to research comparative educational policy and study the sociological history of the "American college experience." It'll be a lot of work, so if anyone needs a study-buddy, let me know!
  10. A few years ago, I chaperoned an immersion trip to Costa Rica with a group of Siena students and downloaded Duolingo beforehand to refresh my Spanish-language skills. I got a bit addicted and I haven't stopped using the app. I'm currently on a 1,020-day streak of learning and practicing Spanish!