1) I am a proud 1998 Siena graduate and played on Siena’s Division I softball team all four years. I split time between the hot corner (3rd base) and shortstop and started every game during the four year span. Although challenging at times, I loved every minute of being a student athlete. I made lifelong friendships both on and off the field with my Siena classmates, and I truly soaked up the Siena spirit.  Fun fact - I lived in the townhouses three out of the four years!

2) During my first month at Siena, I went on a skydiving trip organized by my RA. It was a static line jump and once my parachute opened, the ropes to the chute were tangled leaving me spinning a bit. Thankfully the four-hour training course kicked in, and I was able to untangle the ropes and swing myself back around. I had a radio attached to me, but the signal kept cutting out so I was unable to hear the instructor’s signals. Thankfully, being a naive 18 year old, I didn’t panic and eventually made my way to the ground safely with a smile!

3) I have been working in the Siena admissions office for 20 years! I can’t believe how time has flown by and the many memories and friendships I have made in McGuire Hall. Consistently working with a goal-oriented team that never rests - but also never stops laughing - is what keeps me coming back for more. Before coming home to Siena, I worked in administration for the Capital District YMCA and then Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Capital Region. 

4) I grew up in Skaneateles, NY which is a beautiful Finger Lakes town southwest of Syracuse. The lake there is crystal blue, and I spent the majority of my childhood swimming, fishing, waterskiing and exploring every inch of the 17-mile lake. We still visit my parents every summer for fun boating adventures with my boys. In fact, this past summer I taught my son how to waterski so he can carry on the tradition. I am definitely at my happiest when on the water!

5) My wife, Ellen, and I will be celebrating our 15-year wedding anniversary this May! We lead a very busy life outside of work with our two very active boys (Aidan, 12 and Carter, 9). We are both very active in our sons’ athletic endeavors as they both play basketball, football, wrestling, and travel baseball. Between coaching and shuffling them back and forth to practices and games, our color-coded calendar is our savior. Pre-COVID, it was rare that we had one day without a sports commitment. We are avid Yankees and Syracuse basketball fans, but I am the lone Dallas Cowboys fan in the household.

6) We have a two-year-old Wheaten Terrier named Yogi (after the legendary Yankees catcher, Yogi Berra).  She has loved the recent hiking trips we have taken during this COVID break from our sports schedule. We also own a 10-year-old goldfish named George that we won at a fair. And don’t laugh, but I pride myself on the quality care I give him that has made him live this long! 

7) My role model and best friend in life is my father. He lives with an enthusiastic spirit for life no matter what is thrown at him. From a young age, we have been inseparable, and even though I have two sisters, he still secretly calls me his favorite! We still talk several times a week, and he has guided me through all of life’s twists and turns.     

8) I am extremely dedicated to my six days a week morning workout routine. Although some mornings it is tough getting up, it is just about the only time I have to myself and the feeling after a great workout helps me start my day. Hiit (high intensity interval training) is my favorite type of workout, although I do enjoy getting out for morning runs too. I don’t live too far from The Crossings in Loudonville, and the morning sunrises while jogging are beautiful to see.    

9) To balance the exercise, I also have a passion for craft beer, especially New England IPA’s. When traveling, I enjoy visiting local breweries and sampling all the different varieties of brews. One of my favorite local breweries is Associate Director of Admissions Jim Eaton’s Fort Orange brewery, of course. Other favorite breweries with the best IPA’s, in my opinion, are Prison City brewing (Auburn, NY), Industrial Arts Brewing (Beacon, NY), and Sloop Brewing (Fishkill, NY).

10) A memory that will always stay with me that showed me the true meaning of the Franciscan spirit happened during my freshman year. I had gotten back very late from a road game and hobbled into my residence hall with a sprained my ankle. By the time we got back, the training room had closed, and I didn’t have any ice to help with the swelling. Father Kevin Daly, who was the Ryan Hall Friar in Residence at the time, was up late and saw me and asked what happened. I let him know and shrugged it off, hoping I would be better in the morning. Just as I was falling asleep there was a knock at my door. I slowly got to my door and upon opening it, I see a bucket of ice. Father Kevin had walked over to the Friary at 1:00 a.m. on a chilly spring night, and left it for me. There was no note, no looking for a thank you, just a selfless act that to this day inspires me to perform acts of kindness no matter how small they are!