1. I am from the small state of Rhode Island where I lived up until I finished graduate school. I figured it was time to experience something else other than RI, but wanted to be within a few hours so I could get home and see my family. Working at Siena made me officially leave my home state and move to the Capital Region!
  2. I love soccer. I grew up playing soccer my entire life and continue to play in local leagues in the Colonie area at Afrim's sports. I am a massive Liverpool fan and would love to travel to Liverpool, England one day to experience a match in person to check it off my bucket list. 
  3. I attended Rhode Island College (Not to be confused with the University of Rhode Island) for undergrad where, for a semester, I was a commuter, and then moved onto campus to live with a friend from high school. School was only 10 minutes from my home, so I was required to get lunch with my parents every weekend per my mother. I was also a resident assistant for three years where I was able to form lifelong connections with friends to this day. I eventually graduated with a degree in psychology after changing my major three times because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do with my career.
  4. I attended Providence College for my master's degree in higher education counseling. During this time, I was also a hall director for an all-male freshmen residence hall. After graduating with my degree and my experience in Residence Life, I accepted a position here at Siena College as a residence director overseeing Hines Hall. I have been the RD of Hines, Plassmann, Padua, and Snyder Hall in my time here at Siena and am currently the director of Community Living entering my 5th year at the college. 
  5. I love going to the movies and taking in the experience of seeing a new film that has been released. Sitting down with a soda, popcorn, candy, and enjoying the movie on the big screen can't get much better. I quickly eclipsed diamond status on my Regal app once I moved to Colonie as I will normally see multiple movies per month and also enjoy them at home. My favorite movies are in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! I also love watching a good TV show. I will sit for hours to watch Ted Lasso, NCIS, Game of Thrones, The Black List, etc. I also leave room for reality shows from time to time as well like The Mole or The Circle on Netflix. 
  6. Playing golf has started to become a hobby of mine even though I am not very good. I just enjoy being on the course with friends while trying not to lose any golf balls that I bring with me to the course, which doesn't typically go as planned. 
  7. I used to work for my hometown's municipal ice rink where I was a Zamboni driver for four years. I worked there throughout college and we were the home rink for Bryant University hockey along with my high school's team. Working at the rink was such a fun experience being able to watch college hockey, high school hockey, and work events that came to town. Of course, after hours I would make a new sheet of ice for myself and skate or shoot pucks at an empty net. 
  8. My obsession with sneakers has been around since I was in high school. I have always collected sneakers until I felt it was time to sell them, donate them, or give them to my friends so they could enjoy them. I currently own close to 70 pairs of shoes, and yes I wear all of them. I am a sneakerhead who believes that shoes are meant to be worn and enjoyed, and do your best to keep them clean. 
  9. You will probably see me walking my dog around campus. His name is Apollo and he is a giant goofball who loves people and will not let you walk away without petting him. Feel free to say hello if you see us on campus! 
  10. I have recently taken up photography over the last couple of years and will mainly take photos of nature, landscapes, and animals. I enjoy taking my camera with me wherever I go to always try and snag a photo when I can. The Siena hawk has eluded me for some time but I am determined to get a photo of it!