1. My wife, Missy, and I are the proud parents to four incredible children. They are all very different from one another and keep life interesting. My son, Luca, is my oldest child and he is currently a Siena junior studying Finance. My oldest daughter, Olivia, is a sophomore at Cortland studying to become a teacher. Dina is a high school junior who loves to dance and study, and Bella is our handful (in a good way, but don’t tell her that) sixth grader who runs our family.

2. Speaking of my wife, we are high school sweethearts and have been married for 21 years.

3. My career path is different than most in IT. My bachelor's degree is in biotechnology from RIT. During my studies, the internet was just becoming a thing, and I somehow became the “tech guy” in the department. My capstone project probably wouldn’t be considered legal now, but at the time I wrote some nifty SQL injection scripts to pull data from an NIH database about worm DNA (C.elegans). I followed through with my technology interest and got an MBA at RIT in IT management which I’ve been learning and doing for 25 years.

4. I'm the school board president at Schalmont Central School District. It started with some technology committee work a decade ago, and has evolved to multiple committees, board membership, and finally representing the board as president. It’s time consuming, but it’s great to help guide our school district forward. Hiring a new superintendent at the start of the pandemic and working tirelessly to give our students a quality education ever since has been especially rewarding.

5. Golf is what I call my lesson in humility. I love the game and play as much as I can. I also run a casual golf league that includes some of my closest friends and I call it what I think is a very clever and appropriately named league, "The Lost Balls."

6. I share my name with a local assemblyman. We also live only a few blocks apart, grew up in the same town, and got married at the same banquet facility only a week apart. There were a few complications, but hey it's a small world.

7. I love movies, home theater, and audio gear in general. I built a theater with a 96" screen and excellent surround sound. Of course I have Bilbo's sword, Sting, and the One Ring proudly mounted above the screen…I am a geek after all.

8. I have a very large Italian extended family in the area. We have an annual reunion around Labor Day where over 60 of us get together. Twelve Siena Saints were present this year. My cousin also happens to host some of the best New Year’s parties (Find me in the picture, below!)

9. I love soccer (calcio to Italians). I’ve played it, I’ve coached it, I ran the Rotterdam Soccer Club, I’ve traveled to 13 states watching my son play it, and I watch it constantly. You’ll find me at many NY Red Bull games taking in the electric atmosphere. I'm also a fan of Juventus and Arsenal in Europe and attending games at their stadiums is on my bucket list.

10. My parents immigrated to the US in the 60s from Italy. They actually met in America and married here. I have one sister and we both learned to speak Italian before we spoke English!