1. I grew up in Norfolk, Massachusetts, went to college in Pennsylvania, studied abroad in Seville, Spain, lived and worked in Boston, went to grad school in western Massachusetts, interned in New Orleans, and then lived and worked for five years in NYC. I’ve always loved to visit new places and to make a home wherever I live. While I’ve travelled to and lived in many different places, my favorite place on earth is Truro, Massachusetts. My family has spent time there every summer since I can remember. 

2. In high school and college, I was a varsity track and field athlete, specializing in the shot put and hammer throw (below)! Yes - just like The Trunchbull from Matilda. In my eight-year career as an athlete, I think I scored a total of two points for any team I was on. While I was never super skilled at throwing, I loved being part of a team, and especially loved helping to coach younger athletes. My college coach would tease that while I wasn’t a reliable point scorer, I always took first-place in “being a good teammate.” 

3. This summer, I rescued a dog named Scott (below). He is an American Bulldog/terrier/lab/adorable mix. If you see us walking around campus, please say hi! He may look big and intimidating, but really he is the friendliest dog around. He loves being petted, treats, children of all ages (but especially babies), and zooming around our yard. His favorite toy is a stuffed Saint Bernard named Bernie! 

4. I have the world’s most adorable nephew, Issac (below). He is the son of one of my oldest and dearest friends, so while we are technically not related, pictures of him still take up all the memory on my phone. 

5. I have loved coaching others ever since my days on the high school track team. At my previous job, I had the opportunity to become a certified Clifton Strengths coach. Strengths Finder is all about figuring out your natural talents/abilities and using them to accomplish your goals. Coaching has opened so many opportunities for me, from coaching individual students here at Siena, to travelling to Namibia as a guest facilitator at a conference. Helping folks embrace who they are and use those qualities to achieve success is my absolute favorite thing. 

6. Speaking of Namibia, I love to travel! Through a combination of intensive planning and a big dollop of luck, I have been able to travel to over 13 countries (mostly in Africa). I’ve seen a lot of amazing things on these trips, but far and away the MOST beautiful place was Victoria Falls in Zambia/Zimbabwe (below). It is definitely one of the natural wonders of the world for a reason! 

7. I love to make things! I’ve been sewing, knitting, and crocheting since I was a little girl. A few years ago I started selling some handmade things online and even have my own Etsy shop. I really like to make my own clothes, especially made from fabrics I have bought on my different trips. More recently, I have started refinishing and/or redesigning furniture. I took up refurbishing furniture as a quarantine hobby, and now it is one of my favorite things to do. Check out some of my projects on Instagram, @maggiemaecrochetco.

8. A very important thing to know about me is that my dad is Santa (below). To be clear, he is not “a” Santa, he IS Santa. My dad started playing Santa for different community events in college, and he has been doing it ever since. He truly embodies the spirit of giving and magic that Santa represents. For many years, we would go to a Christmas party every Christmas Eve at our next-door neighbor’s house. He would have their whole extended family send him their most recent picture and what they wanted most for Christmas. He would memorize a flash card about each child so that when he saw them on Christmas Eve, he knew what they wanted without even having to ask. He has so many incredible stories from over the years, and he and I are working to turn them into a book! 

9. Before coming to Siena, I worked at Wagner College in Staten Island, NY. I was never a huge city person, but spending five years in Brooklyn and Staten Island made me fall in love with New York City. It also gave me a serious addiction to getting everything delivered! 

10. I have always loved learning new things, and this past May, I started an online doctoral program at Baylor University. In (hopefully) three years, I will have an Ed.D. in Learning and Organizational Change. Sic ‘em Bears!