Psychology, Health Professions

Christy Venter '04 was discouraged by the lack of healthy snack options available in her two daughters' school district. So, she spoke to the district food director, then researched healthy vending options, then ordered a machine for the high school, then put one in the middle school, then a second in the middle school, and then in a fitness studio, and then - Venter, a psychology major, accidentally found herself running her own healthy food vending business... 

HealthyMe Living 

Venter's story, and her products, inspired Emily Pomeroy '21. The marketing major is a member of the Siena lacrosse team. As an athlete, she's careful about what she eats, and she's concerned about the snacks children (and their parents) often settle for.

Pomeroy's internship with HealthyMe has been an opportunity to sharpen her skills, promoting a product she believes in, while working under a Siena alumna CEO.

Win, win, win.  

HealthyMe Living now targets businesses, schools, and sports team marketing healthy grab-n-go snacks for the always on the go lifestyle. As a marketing intern, Pomeroy was given domain over the company's Instagram account. She also wrote blogs and newsletter and special messages for the subscription boxes. 

Pomeroy's primary mission was to expand social outreach by driving engagement and opening doors into new markets. And for that, she leaned on the influence of Instagram influencers. Pomeroy connected with Siena students with big followings and a health-conscious focus. Those students promoted the subscription boxes and drove engagement on Instagram. 

"Overall, this project went very well and our company was able to increase our follower ratio as well as gain followers directly from the Siena community who ultimately will support this business in the long run." 

"In college, you can push yourself to learn more, improve your performance and skills, all while practicing in a safe environment where you have the opportunity to grow. I believe this internship put me ahead of colleagues in a similar position. I am already making connections to set myself up for a successful future."

Emily Pomeroy '21