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Siena has formalized its agreement with the Capital Region Campus of Clarkson University for the 4/1 cooperative program in engineering, one of the most searched for majors by prospective students. 

The Clarkson agreement (which was initially made several years ago with Union Graduate College before it merged into Clarkson) allows students to earn a master of science in electrical engineering, energy systems (such as wind, solar and nuclear), mechanical engineering or engineering management.

Students complete four years at Siena, earning a bachelor’s degree in physics. By beginning graduate classes during their senior year, students are able to complete the master’s program in just one additional year at Clarkson.

“This a very job-oriented major,” said John Moustakas, Ph.D., department chair and associate professor of physics. “We have close to 100 percent job placement for our graduates in field where salaries start at $65,000. In this program, they can take classes with faculty and with practicing engineers to gain hands-on experience.”

Brandon Smith ’21 is preparing for a career in electrical or computer engineering, and sees good opportunities with businesses in the Capital Region. His major is applied physics/ electrical, with a minor in mathematics “since that is also crucial to succeed in the field,” he said.

“I’ve appreciated how the program gave me an insight into what it is like working in the engineering field before I graduated,” said Smith.  “The classes have been valuable in gaining skills before entering the workforce, and reinforced for me that I made the right career choice.”

Students in the 4/1 program are not required to be applied physics majors, although many are. There are students in the program who are studying mathematics, environmental studies and sciences, and other majors. 

Siena also offers a 3/2 cooperative engineering program with Clarkson, where students spend their first three years at Siena and then transfer to Clarkson to complete an additional two years. At the end of four years, the student receives a bachelor of science degree from Siena, and at the end of five years, the student receives a bachelor of engineering from Clarkson. The 3/2 program is also affiliated with Binghamton University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and Western New England University.