A message from Fr. Larry:

Among the many reasons why I feel honored to be a part of the Siena College community is the opportunity to participate in time-honored campus traditions with our incredible students. Every school has its traditions. Some involve just the students, some involve just the faculty. What I love about Siena is that many of ours involve both.

 There’s Sienafest, Winterfest, Franks with Friars, Hip Hop Week and so much more that our Student Events Board cranks out every year. One of my favorites, though, is definitely the Blessing of the Brains. 

 (The what?! Stay with me…)

What Happens at the Blessing of the Brains

Every year before Siena students enter a long week of finals, they’re invited to this fun event which is always hosted by the Office of the College Chaplain. After the Gospel, chapel choir music, and a series of Intercessions, the Chaplain of the College (that’s me!) and some other friars will give each student a blessing. 

“May God bless you and open your mind with wisdom and understanding.” That’s the annual saying. After all brains have been blessed, we gather together for a wonderful breakfast spread and just enjoy each other’s company.  

What Makes It So Special 

 I think many of our students look forward to it not just because of the spiritual guidance it provides, but because it gives them a cozy, relaxing event to attend before their tests begin. And while it sounds like a quick moment, and the actual saying, of course, is quick, it’s something so unique to Siena and it’s part of what makes us, us

Personally, I look forward to it because it’s one of those precious memories that faculty and students can take with them long after they’ve graduated. It’s a time of connection, of community and of fun. (And the breakfast is delicious, too.)

If this sounds like a tradition you want to be a part of, I hope you will look more closely at Siena as your potential new home for the next four years. We can’t wait to see new faces at each of our traditions, and create more memories that last a lifetime. 

About Fr. Larry 

A native of upstate New York, Fr. Larry Anderson O.F.M. attended college at Wadhams Hall Seminary in Ogdensburg, New York and graduate school at Christ the King in East Aurora. His life experiences range from DJing at KNOM Radio in Nome, Alaska to becoming the Associate Pastor at St. Mary’s Church in Pompton Lakes, New Jersey. Now at Siena, Fr. Larry is Chaplain of the College; in his free time, he likes hiking and kayaking in the beautiful hills and lakes that surround Siena College.