Take a look at your list of potential colleges. Is there a mix of small and large schools, publics and privates, liberal arts and pre-professional choices? Unless you've been certain about the kind of school you belong at from the start, it can be hard to narrow down your list when there are so many differences to consider. Let us help. 

In our complimentary infographic, 10 Benefits of Attending a Small, Private, Liberal Arts College, you'll learn:

> How private and public schools differ when it comes to conducting research

> What it means to choose a school with a values-based education

> What kinds of schools typically offer more merit-based awards

> What to look for in terms of class of size 

While every school offers its own advantages and benefits, we hope this information will give you a closer look into what makes small, private, liberal arts schools unique (yes, like Siena!) Download it now, and let our admissions team know if you have any follow-up questions. Good luck to you.

Get the infographic