If you're setting up a game of corn hole, but need a fourth, check to see if the president is free.

Most of the questions during the student summer town hall with the president dealt with the pandemic, or changes to the Academic Calendar, or Move-In Day protocol. But then there was the question about KanJam. No one remembers how the conversation shifted to summer lawn games, but it did, and President Gibson confessed that he didn't know the rules to KanJam. At a recent meeting, Andy Camilleri '23 offered to teach him. Dr. Gibson presented a counter-offer. 

The president enjoys the occassional game corn hole, but hadn't played a match since a wedding in Dutchess County four years ago. So, President Gibson asked Camilleri for a game, and his partner lined up the competition. Did Ben Leib '22 and Chandler Edbauer '23 take it easy on the president? Absolutely not. Leib and Edbauer won bragging rights (don't be surprised if a rematch is in the works).

"There are a lot of good activities that we can do and this is one of them. Under these challenging circumstances, what I want is for our students to really have the most flourishing experience they possibly can. Meet somebody new every day, try to learn something new every day, and make sure you balance that. Life is about physical activity and enjoyment at the same time; this is just one illustration of that." 

Chris Gibson '86, Ph.D., president

"With a lot of tests and everything, it’s nice to just relax and come outside and play corn hole with some friends, and being with the president is a really cool experience." 

Andy Camilleri '23