English, School of Liberal Arts

Daniella Gerbasi '25 has always dreamt of recording music in Nashville. She's just one outstanding performance away... 

Daniella sheepishly admits she didn't open the Daily Digest that morning two weeks ago. Fortunately, her boss in the education department did. There was an announcement that day promoting a Siena contest that will send one singer/songwriter to a recording session in Nashville. Daniella thanked her supervisor, grabbed her guitar, and aced the audition.

Each of the next two Friday nights from 7:30 to 9:30, Siena students, employees, and alumni are welcome to audition their original music at Eden Cafe in Loudonville. Finalists will perform in front of a panel of judges at Eden Cafe on December 4, and the winner earns travel expenses and a recording session for one song at Beaird Music Group in Nashville (provided by Eden Cafe)... it's an opportunity Daniella has been dreaming about since her first moment on stage as a kid, covering Amy Winehouse's version of "Valerie."

Some precocious musicians start singing when they're three; Daniella was four before she could talk. Daniella and her two siblings are triplets, and like most triplets, they were born premature. Daniella was originally misdiagnosed with autism, but her slow-to-develop voice was a symptom of the premature delivery. She had a really hard time communicating as a child, but when she found her voice, she found her passion.   

"I grew up with my brother and sister who both played sports. I didn't enjoy sports, and it look a long time for me to find my place. That can be very vulnerable for a child who's trying to fit in. I found myself hiding behind the facade of my siblings. But one day, my mom overheard me singing to myself. She said, 'That could be your thing.' And it's been my thing ever since."  

Daniella intends to be an English teacher, but hopes that music will always be a part of her life. And to whatever extent possible, she wants to share her lyrics and her music with the world. A single produced at a recording studio in Nashville would be a great place to start. 

Proceeds raised throughout the competition will benefit the Siena College Mentoring Programming (to reserve tickets or make a donation, click HERE). For more information contact singer/songwriter and College Art Director Sergio Sericolo at ssericolo@siena.edu or Joe Venture at Eden Cafe, joe@edenasc.com or 518-977-3771. Below, right, Adam Gerstenberger '16 auditioning at Eden Cafe.