Center for International Programs
Cosgrove in London
DezMariah Cosgrove '23

The Sharon Fruit, a seedless and coreless fruit, is a species of persimmon grown in Israel. It is even named after the plain it is grown on, the Sharon Plain. DezMariah Cosgrove '23 discovered this exotic fruit (which tastes like a blend of cantaloupe and pear), not in Israel, but at a farmers market in London where she is currently studying creative arts at the CAPA center.

Changing your diet while living in a different country can be difficult, especially when you are also teaching yourself how to cook. But, Cosgrove has embraced the challenge and the new flavors. She made a commitment when she arrived to eat out less and cook more. She spends much of her weekends at local farmers markets planning new meals. The massive outdoor markets are full of street food and fresh ingredients from all over the world, plus succulents and flowers, dessert and jewelry stands, candles, and more. Cosgrove's favorite dish? Salmon with rice and veggies.

CAPA is housed in two connected Victorian townhouses in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, immersed in the heart of one of the most diverse cities in the world. 

“My experience so far has been so enlightening and simply beautiful. I’ve grown so much and it feels amazing to live life from the other side of the world.” 

DezMariah Cosgrove '22