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Do you have a favorite bird? Layla Pagan '23 does. It's the chicken. So when she made her way to London in the fall, she was understandably excited to discover that the University of Roehampton has its own chicken coop. She was positively giddy to learn that students are eligible to serve as "chicken volunteers" and tend the coop. Layla bonded with a particularly funky looking chicken (her description) named Dylan.  

Layla and chicken
Layla and Dylan

The chicken may not be your bird, and avian care may not be your passion, but Layla stresses that the study abroad experience is all about independence and trying new experiences, such as aviculture or public transportation. Layla prefered bus rides to the train, and would spend 90 minutes on a bus to see a show in the West End. The management major also found joy in another seemingly joyless chore, grocery shopping. 

"Grocery shopping was an opportunity for me to explore a more healthy diet. Before I traveled to London, I would eat our frequently, but as I started shopping for myself, I was able to explore some vegan options, and I gave more thought to what's best for physical health. I learned how to make buffalo chickpea dip... it's delicious!

This journey of self-discovery has been hard, however, I have learned so much about myself, and for that, I am so grateful for my time abroad. I love myself and the city of London."

Layla Pagan '23