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The pandemic sabotaged study abroad opportunities for hundreds of Saints. Some students were forced to cut their experiences short, others graduated without getting the chance to travel. But what if there was another way? 

Lauren Kelly '21 was in Spain in the spring of 2020 having the time of her life (above). She planned to be there the full semester, but she was sent home after just six weeks. COVID spoiled the opportunity, and a year later she graduated, without getting the chance to make up for stolen time. With help from Siena Abroad, she found a way back to Europe. 

"Since my time was cut short, I felt as if I never finished what I intended and thought that this would be a great opportunity for me."

Lauren will be earning a master's degree in digital marketing from the Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School at the University of Dublin beginning in September. She's one of five recent graduates pursuing a master's degree this fall overseas. 

"Siena's International Programs office has always encouraged global fluency. I knew that furthering my education abroad would be especially helpful with digital marketing as it's important to understand different perspectives and cultural differences."

Kaylie Hammond '21 was able to enjoy a semester abroad in Cork, Ireland as an undergraduate, which only fueled her desire to spend more time learning and living overseas. She'll be working toward a master's degree in criminology at the University of Glasgow in Scotland. 

"Matt in the study abroad office has helped me so much by answering my countless questions and providing me support and advice throughout my application process. I am most looking forward to being abroad again and everything that comes with it. I haven't traveled overseas since before COVID, and I'm excited to meet new people, make new memories and experience a culture that is different than my own."

Both Lauren and Kaylie got a taste of studying abroad while undergraduates, but Michael Anderton '22 had his plans to see the world canceled, entirely, by the pandemic. This fall, he'll be pursuing his MFA in directing at Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland.  

"I am most excited to see all these unique places and see what life is like outside of America, especially when it comes to theatre practices. I'm hoping this experience makes me more well-rounded in the arts and that I can bring a piece of it back with me when I come back here to work!"

Michael Anderton '22

"As a Siena alumnus myself who also lived abroad after graduation (in Poland through the Fulbright program), I love chatting with students interested in post-grad international opportunities. The world is quite literally their oyster, and there are so many faculty, administrators and staff on campus who have long-term, post-grad travel experiences worth sharing – from teaching abroad to graduate degrees to volunteering. Supporting these students as they pursue their goals and seek further personal and academic growth is an absolute pleasure."

Matt Schiesel '15, associate director of study abroad and international fellowships


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