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Translated from German, Interlaken means 'between lakes.' As the name suggests, Interlaken, Switzerland is nestled between two lakes, Brienz to the east and Thun to the west, and alongside the river Aare which flows between them.  Interlaken is all of 1.7 square miles, and to Natalie Youseff '23, it's heaven on earth. 

Youseff is studying Global Health and Development Policy through the School of International Training in Geneva, Switzerland. In her free time, she explores. France is a short trip to the west, and she can reach Interlaken on a two and a half hour drive to the east. The tiny hamlet in the Swiss Alps is a tourism hub because of its access to the surrounding mountains and, of course, its arresting beauty. For Youseff, it's her happy place. 

She's also happy sampling chocolates and cheeses up and down the countryside. After much taste testing, she's decided that Gruyere, from the Swiss city Gruyeres, is her favorite cheese and any form of Cailler dark chocolate will do just fine. 

"Academically, I've learned so much about the different players involved in achieving global health goals and developing international health policy (WHO, UNICEF, ICRC, etc.). Outside of the classroom, I've learned to appreciate the beauty of this Earth and what Swiss culture entails!" 

Natalia Youssef '23