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Sophia Tavantzis '22 studied whales in her marine biology class, and then she went searching for them. Her class took a whale safari boat tour off the east coast of Denmark, and Sophia spotted several porpoises. It's one of the perks of studying abroad in Copenhagen.   

Copenhagen is the capital and most populous city in Denmark. Established more than 1,000 years ago as a Viking fishing village, it's now one of the major financial centers of Northern Europe, and the cultural, economic, and governmental heart of Denmark. It's also been Sophia's home for the past few months.

Throughout the spring, Sophia's visited art museums, parks, and gardens. She's stormed castles and explored cemeteries. And her favorites experience so far... she attended an F.C. Kobenhavn football match The home team won 4-2. 

"There’s a silver lining in having to stay in my host country for the duration of my time abroad this semester due to COVID-19. I’ve really been able to immerse myself in the culture and see first hand why Copenhagen is such a unique and special place. From having beautiful greenery and gardens within walking distance from any point in the city, to the astronomical number of cuisines and traditional food available, this country is everything I could have asked for during my time abroad. I’m so grateful and unbelievably lucky to be given this opportunity to travel during these times." 

Sophia Tavantzis '22