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Allie Thorschmidt '23 and Seth Coluccio '23 are close enough friends to share just about anything with each other. Somehow, though, their international ambitions never came up in conversation.  

When Allie attended a Siena Abroad information session last year, she was surprised to see Seth in attendance. Similarly, Seth had no idea his good friend Allie was thinking about a May-mester. Seth was there to learn more about the four-week program in Denmark. As for Allie, Copenhagen all the way. They had both independently decided to spend the first month of the summer in Denmark. It was quite the revelation that they would be going together!

They both took a different class – Allie studied the psychology of human sexuality; Seth's course was on game development – but in their free time, they hung out together and with international students living in the same building. They found fun and beauty in unexpected places. 

"We took a weekend trip to Sweden that was a 10 out of 10, but I most enjoyed going to museums and learning about and getting a taste of the history. It really surprised me that museums stood out to me. Some might consider it an unconventional highlight, but it was cool getting to learn about the cities and their history."

Seth Coluccio '23

Allie's favorite attraction wasn't a museum, but like so much of Europe, it was historic. The Rundetaarn, or Round Tower, was built in the mind-17th century to be an observatory. Two centuries later, it outlived its use for stargazing, but still offers breathtaking views of the city. 

Both Allie and Seth found different things to love about the experience, but the real bonus was experiencing it all together.

"I wanted to gain more independence from going abroad. My first time out of the country by myself, I definitely grew a lot, even though I was only there for less than a month. Living on my own and having to figure out the transportation, it was definitely a culture shock. But it allowed for so much self-growth."

Allie Thorschmidt '23

"My main reason for studying abroad, aside from everyone hyping it up including my brother and friends, was to get perspective on the rest of the world, but in a productive setting. I didn't want to experience Denmark on vacation. By taking a class, but also exploring the city, it's exactly what I wanted."

Seth Coluccio '23