Center for International Programs

Chandler Edbauer '23 walked into a fishing shop looking for bait. While in South Africa, the outdoor enthusiast had already surfed for the first time and spent hours hiking Cape Town and swimming in the ocean. Next, he was planning an afternoon on the water with a fishing pole. What he hooked was way more than he bargained for.

While perusing for tackle, Chandler met a local man who took note of Chandler's American accent. The friendly fisherman offered Chandler a ride to the coast. They fished awhile, went on a hike, and climbed to the top of Lion's Head mountain which offers a spectacular view of the Indian Ocean. Afterwards, the strangers who became fast friends had dinner together. According to Chandler, the guy just wanted an American student to experience real South African culture. Chandler got a day he'll never forget.

Chandler chose South Africa because he wanted a less popular study abroad destination. He's the only Siena student in Cape Town, but that's forced him to make new friends and create his own experiences. Next, he's planning a skydiving trip. Who knows who he'll meet 10,000 feet over Cape Town.   

“I have had so many great experiences in Cape Town, South Africa so far, and I have so much more left to do before I leave. I’ve had fun hiking, climbing mountains, surfing, swimming, fishing, and experiencing so much of the culture. I have made a lot of friends from all over the world, and they are so welcoming. I am learning about African art, history, finance, and I am studying Afrikaans, which is the main language besides English. The University of Cape Town sits right beneath Devils Peak which is a thrill to climb. I am happy to represent Siena here and am so grateful for the opportunity to study abroad.”

Chandler Edbauer '23