Congratulations to our future Saints! As you know, one of the most important factors in choosing a college is campus visits, where you can get to know the school, speak with faculty and current students, and predict your fit. Now that you’ve been accepted, however, your perspective when visiting campuses will change.

Without thoughts like What if I don’t get in? no longer running through your head, you’ll be able to embrace all that the college has to offer and really focus on determining whether that’s the place you want to spend the next four years. (Cue the exciting: So, this is what my college life could be like thoughts).

At Siena College’s Accepted Student Day, you’ll be able to: 

Meet other students in the Class of 2026. Who knows? You may end befriending a few students right from the start, making the transition to college so much easier and even more exciting.

Learn about our clubs and organizations. Interested in joining the Residence Hall Association? What about Colleges Against Cancer, or the Karate Club? No matter what your hobby is, you’ll find a club or organization to match it.

Discuss affordability. Did you know Siena offers 275 endowed scholarships?

Take a more personalized tour of the campus. Be sure to pay attention to these three things.

Now that you know what we have planned for our Accepted Students Day, pick a date and come see our campus from a whole new point of view.