Pre-Law, Philosophy
Simmons has studied in Japan and France. He received a Gilman International Travel Scholarship for his trip to France.

Tyler Simmons '21 was one of four Siena students selected as legal fellows at the Government Law Center at Albany Law School this summer.

Simmons grew up in Harlem. In his experience, the relationship between his neighbors, mainly low income people of color - and the police has always been strained - at best. It's a fact of life way beyond his power to change. Or, maybe not. 

Simmons chose to research police oversight this summer. He works closely with the Center’s legal staff and other faculty at the law school to experience law and policy research. The fellowship has collaborated with the Albany Police Department, the Albany Police Review Board, and the Albany Common Council to bring forward new legislation on policing and police oversight. 

Simmons is a philosophy major with a minor in political science. A year ago, he decided to become a lawyer - perhaps criminal or international law. He wants to see change in a system that needs to be changed. He wants to be the one to do it.

"Where I come from, many of the young men and women grow up and think they can't be the next aspiring doctor or lawyer because they see adults confined to low paying jobs. Or, they are not able to go to college and gain experience to further themselves to their dream career. I want to use my experiences and my abilities to encourage the future generation to do the impossible through hard work and determination."