When you’re researching colleges, it’s important to look beyond all the information you see on postcards and on websites. All of that is critical, of course, but to get the full story, listen to recent alumni. Fresh off the graduation stage, they’re the ones who have nothing to lose in telling the truth and a lot of perspective on their experiences now that it’s time for them to move forward in the working world. 

Here’s what recent Siena grads told us about their experiences and why they think high schoolers should plan a visit to our campus. (Note their awesome jobs!) 


Current title: Associate Systems Engineer 

Major at Siena: Physics

Why visit: “Siena is a tight-knit community. It immediately feels like home when you step onto campus. Everyone knew each other. It's everything you want college to be. You could just tell you could build friends and relations.”

My Siena experience: “A lot of the work I did heavily involved critical thinking, and Siena, especially in the physics department, gives you that experience. Siena teaches you to troubleshoot and allows you to figure out the best solution. One of the reasons why Disney hired me was because they saw I studied physics, and they saw I went to Siena.” 


Current title: Software Development Engineer

Major at Siena: Computer Science 

Why visit: "The thing that struck me about my visit to Siena as a high school senior was the community atmosphere. My tour took me all around the beautiful campus and every time my tour guide and myself came across another student they were eager to say hi and introduce themselves. I never experienced anything like that on my other college tours and without actually coming to visit, you totally miss that awesome part of the Siena experience."

My Siena experience: "It's tough to nail down to one thing but I'd have to mention the people. From the administration to the professors to your peers, there is no community quite like Siena's. Because of the size of the school you get to meet a lot of people and get to know them personally. Some of my best memories are from times that I got to spend a couple hours talking to professors about things beyond the classroom. Whether it was about research topics that I found interesting, career advice, or just talking about life, I was able to have those experiences because Siena is a place where the community is that tight knit. Not many colleges will afford you that much time with faculty, but at Siena, those connections are part of the experience."


Current title: Data Science Engineer

Major at Siena: Physics 

Why visit: “I think the biggest reasons high school seniors should visit Siena College is for the sense of community and the level of attention given to students as a result of smaller class sizes. Siena truly is a family, and I believe that I received more opportunities than I would have at a larger school because I was able to build relationships with my professors.”

My Siena experience: “I think the biggest highlight of my Siena experience was my REU (Research Experience for Undergraduates) Internship in Santa Barbara the summer before my senior year. I was able to help out with some cutting-edge research in a state-of-the-art nanotechnology lab in an amazing location. This opportunity was a direct result of my doing research at Siena the previous summer. Another highlight was doing my senior project on sports analytics. I feel that not many professors would allow students to pursue a topic like that, but it was huge for me getting into grad school and pursuing my current career in data science, and it jump-started a hobby of mine that culminated in me writing articles for and working as a Basketball Operations Analyst intern for the Phoenix Suns.”


Current title: Community Development Manager

Majors at Siena: English and Political Science 

Why visit: “I have lived in the Capital Region my whole life and Siena was always a familiar place to me. I did not think I could learn or see anything more about the college that I grew up just 15 minutes away from. However, I learned there was a difference between thinking you know about a school and actually experiencing it, even if it was just for a day. The process and the mindset of going to the campus with the thoughts of spending 4 years of your life at that place opens your eyes to so much more: You begin to picture yourself walking to class, studying in the library, wondering what dorms you would live in or walking to the dining hall with a group of your own new friends. When I visited Siena, the college that I thought I knew became so much more. Seeing the dorm rooms filled with each student’s own individual touch, shadowing a class and listening to a professor’s lecture and students commentary brought an inside perspective that only you can experience for yourself. It is so important to experience a visit so you can experience all of these things, because when I did I knew Siena was going to be my ‘home away from home’ for the next four years of my life.”

My Siena experience: “When I think about my four years at Siena that came to a close this past May, so many things come to mind. It is the friendships I gained that I know will last a lifetime, the countless memories that four years will give you and an education and experience that has helped me transition into the ‘real world.’ Thinking back to my freshman year I remember coming to the realization that I have chosen not only the right place, but somewhere very special and now, a short time after graduation, I continue to hold the same feeling.”


Current title: Fulbright SETA | Malaysia

Majors at Siena: Political Science and International Studies

Why visit: “The benefit of visiting Siena was being able to talk to a counselor and honors mentor 1-on-1 about the opportunities you can have personally and uniquely as a student there—rather than over email or phone when, in all honesty, your application gets lost as a number rather than a person with a name (per all college admissions).”

My Siena experience: “Siena gave me the opportunity to study outside of the classroom and have a non traditional relationship with my area of study.” 

Want to see Siena College in person? Plan your visit today. We’d love to show you our campus!