Is indecision over your intended major keeping you from finalizing your college applications? We hear that a lot. We also know that many students consider putting off attending a four-year college until they figure out what it is they want to study. To you and all of them, we say: read our guide! 

No matter which colleges are on your list, if you're on the fence about choosing a major, click below to see the free, brief guide that our admissions team put together. 

In 3 Reasons Why Being Undecided is a Smart Choice, you and your parents will learn everything you need to know about not immediately declaring a field of study. You'll find out:

  • What it really means to be undecided
  • Whether or not you can still graduate in four years
  • The benefits of being undecided that you wouldn't have if you declared right away
  • Who to contact for more information

You’ll also get the scoop on what it’s like to be undecided, or "exploring," at Siena College. Find out how we help explorers learn about all the different majors and career paths, and see where Saints—who started out as undecided—are working now.