As you sift through your options for majors and minors available at the schools you’re most interested in, you may hear about or read the words “data science.” 

Whether you recognize the area of study or not, here’s the first thing you should know: skilled data scientists are in demand in every industry, in every business. It’s a lucrative and exciting career to have, and a smart field of study to get into early—if it interests you, of course.

Imagine using data science, to, say…

  • Give yogis feedback on their posture through yoga mats embedded with sensors
  • Discover that men 45-82 who skip breakfast have a higher risk of coronary disease
  • Find out why a certain audience always visits a retailer’s website, but rarely buys their product

Those are just a few examples of data science in action.

 So that begs the question, what exactly is data science? What made the Harvard Business Review call it the sexiest job of the 21st century—and why do we, at Siena, totally agree?

To help you better understand what that means, what data science leads to and the kinds of courses you’d take in college, we put together a free guide that explains it all.

Download A Major Decision: Data Science now to learn:

  • What data science means
  • The kinds of careers data scientists hold
  • How much money data scientists typically make
  • Examples of data science in action