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Dale Taylor '02

Dale Taylor '02, M.S., assistant director of admissions, endured constant struggles early in life: a school shooting, his best friend's murder, school dropout as a teenager. These are the privileges that shaped his life. 

We all have a superpower. That's what Dale Taylor's life of adversity has taught him. Everyone will encounter obstacles in life, but there's strength in overcoming those obstacles. Harnessing that strength is its own unique challenge. When Taylor figured it out, he wrote a book.  

"Perseverance is a superpower. Most people have an ability to tap into that power; they just need encouragement." 

Adversity is a Privilege is Taylor's life story. It's also his philosophy and the key to his superpower. Taylor grew up in the Codman Square District in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. He grew up in poverty, and still carries the guilt of choices he made to survive. Ultimately, with the help of two mentors, he found a way out. He committed to summer classes and a better future. His best friend never looked for a way out. To this day, his murder remains unsolved.

A young photo of Dale Taylor is the cover of his book

Taylor always wanted to pass on his experiences, and their lessons, to his children. Lately, he's found a bigger audience. He tells his story in auditoriums at local schools, and this year, he put it all in his memoir. 

Taylor was diagnosed with a learning disability when he was younger. How is that a privilege? By overcoming his disability, he found the power to write a book. Donna Tytko, associate dean of the School of Liberal Arts, guided Taylor through the process and helped him self publish the book. You can purchase a copy HERE.

"I didn't write a book to make money, it's to help other people. Everyone has their own individual story of obstacles and perseverance. I just started looking at my struggles as a privilege. You can, too." 

"Have you ever done something really bad, just to survive? Do mistakes define who you are? Do you feel like your life is in chaos? Everyone has obstacles in life. This book is for everyone who ever felt like giving up, not just because you were tired but because you felt the world was against you. Maybe you wanted to give up because you came from a broken family, maybe because you were poor, maybe because you had everything and then lost it. Maybe because no one took five minutes to see that you were suffering, struggling, and dealing with mental health issues.

This book is for everyone that has been mistreated by someone else for no apparent reason at all; mistreated by a system that was initially put into place to take care of children. This book is for anyone that knows the true meaning of why people say life isn’t fair. The struggle is real, but what I learned from my struggle is survival."

Dale Taylor '02, M.S., assistant director of admissions