You've just returned home from visiting our campus and your parents realize they forgot to ask us a question they had. Happens all the time! So we've jotted down a few of the questions we get asked most frequently in the admissions office. Pass this list along and let us know, as always, if you or your family thinks of anything else.

Is housing guaranteed for all four years? 

Yes, your student can live on campus for all four years! We actually have you sign a housing contract for four years and we assume your student will stay with us unless there is any sort of discipline problem. We have great accomodations for our students that allow them to gain responsibilities as they grow—doubles, suites, townhouses, etc.

How safe is the campus and surrounding area? 

The Town of Colonie has consistently been rated one of the safest communities in the nation, and our campus is incredibly safe. We have the traditional blue light system on campus, and public safety is here and available to students 24/7. It's the type of place where students look out for students. They feel very at home and comfortable on campus. 

Can freshmen have a car? 

Freshmen can't have cars on campus, but there are plenty of ways to get around, from our own Siena bus to the local CDTA line (free to students). Check out all the options here.

Do you accept AP, IB and college credits?

We do! We accept AP, IB and college credits. We accept scores 4 and 5 on AP exams, a 5, 6 or 7 in a High Level IB class and transfer classes from accredited college with a "C" or better. The courses will, at the very least, account as an elective course and in some cases (determined by the School of Liberal Arts, School of Business and School of Science) can count for core credit.

Are their ample internship opportunities?

Absolutely. Siena College's Career Center will work with your student to help them find internships they would most be interested in. We've had students intern at a number of incredible companies and organizations, like Ernst & Young, NASA, the New York State Assembly, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Target, WAMC Public Radio and more.  

Can all majors study abroad?

Yes! Siena students have the opportunity to study in more than 50 countries around the world. They intern abroad, research abroad, take part in service programs and form lasting friendships with their peers. And they are never alone in planning for it; academic advisors and study abroad advisors meet with students to go over the application process and make sure they're ready to travel. Take a look at few photos from recent trips on the study abroad section of our website. 

Hope this list helped! But if we didn't address your question, email us at or call 518-783-2423.