Because of the pandemic, fans are not currently permitted to attend MAAC basketball games - but Siena fandom has been more fervent (and creative) this season than ever.

The rally nuns never miss a game - and it'll take more than a pandemic to keep them away. Their cardboard likenesses, above, are prominently positioned in the ARC. Plenty of Siena fans have joined them, filling the home stands with cutouts of themselves (or their pets). Fans are also purchasing virtual tickets for the February 13 game at Niagara at 4:00 p.m. "Ticket" sales will help both athletic departments offset expenses incurred during the pandemic. Plus, a virtual seat includes access to an exclusive pregame Zoom. 

Players and coaches appreciate the virtual and cardboard love. How will you be watching on February 13? A few personal stories are below. 

Saints fans have been amazing, so thank you so much. Obviously we'd love to have more than 6,000 of you at the Times Union Center cheering us on, but we appreciate all of our fans and all that you do in these circumstances - from the cardboard cutouts to a virtual sellout. We just want to say thank you. We know you guys are doing all you can and we appreciate it. And we look forward to seeing you in the near future rooting us on in person. Until then, keep doing what you're doing and go Saints!"

Carmen Maciariello '01, men's basketball coach 

The deafening cheers typically heard reverberating through the ARC and the Times Union Center haven't been silenced, they've just been confined to homes throughout the Capital Region and beyond. Here's a glimpse inside the fandom of several Siena basketball die hards. 

the Lawyer family watch Siena basketball
Cate and her parents cheer on the Saints!

"I started going to Siena basketball games with my parents, Mary and Scott Lawyer, when I was a toddler and that continued until I became a student at Siena and joined the cheer team. While this season is very different for a number of reasons, being able to watch the games with my parents feels just like old times, even though we aren’t watching them in person. My love for Siena basketball runs deep, and I can't wait until I can cheer on the Saints at the Times Union Center again!"

Cate Lawyer '20, G'21

The Siena friars cheer on the saints
The Siena friars celebrate a Siena victory.

"Siena basketball's biggest fans live on campus in the friary - usually we're able to go to the games, but now with the pandemic, we're cheering from our TV room. The volume is usually low as we add our own commentary. Fr. Julian Davies may be one of the longest cheering fans rooting on the Indians and now the Saints since the 1960s - over 50 years. Though his eyesight has diminished, he sees better than the refs when they make an “incorrect” call against the Saints!"

Fr. Mark Reamer '83, O.F.M., vice president for mission 

Anto watches the saints play basketball
Anto Pelliccia cheers on the Saints from home.

"Not being at the Times Union Center to watch the men's team stretch their winning streak is definitely tough, but it's still so exciting. I'm able to watch their games with some family and friends that normally don't watch or never had the opportunity to watch. It's been a blast and a great way to stay positive during a challenging time. I know every weekend I'll be tuned in wearing my Siena jersey (which I have had for seven years now) to watch our Saints! Sixteen wins in a row wearing this jersey... you know it's not changing now!" 

Anto Pelliccia '17, assistant director of admissions