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Money-related issues are the number one contributor to divorce. Amir Taylor '22 saw the problem up close, and he's now making a career out of solving it. 

Amir and his family
Amir and his family.

Recently, Amir took a meeting with a couple who had been struggling financially with their family-owned business. The struggle is not something they would typically talk about, certainly not with a relative stranger. For many people, talking about finances is taboo, and according to Amir, particularly in the Black community. But this couple felt like they could trust Amir, a rising financial advisor for Northwestern Mutual of Albany. The couple didn't have a plan to protect their children in case of an emergency, but by the end of the call, the daunting burden no longer seemed so scary, or unmanageable. Amir knows his advice made a huge impact on the family. It's the the kind of advice his mom and dad never heard, not while they were together. 

Amir is Northwestern Mutual's top ranked financial advisor intern in the Eastern Region. That's number one out of close to 1,000. Performance is based on a points system that tallies interaction and impact. Amir racks up points so quickly because he cares - not so much about the points, but what the points represent. 

"If my parents had this sort of knowledge sooner, or if I knew this and could have shared it with them back then, I could have changed my whole life trajectory. When I was 12, I was naive. Looking back..."

Amir's parents separated about 10 years ago. He knew that concerns over money drove them apart, at the time, he just didn't know how or why, or what could be done about it. In part, that's what drove Amir to a career in finance, but a designed major in critical race and ethnic studies. 

Most financial advisors major in finance in college. However, so much of the job is about the people and empathy and connections. Amir believes that as a society, we've moved away from connecting with people. He wants to understand the root of a client's concern before offering a solution. Is his approach successful? Well not only is Amir number one in the East, he's also been asked to speak to his peers and co-lead diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in his office. 

Amir focuses on helping single moms, and unless they're interested in a product through Northwestern Mutual, the advice is free of charge. Amir also helps his mom and dad. It's advice he didn't have 10 years ago, but it still goes a long way now. Next year, Amir plans to convert to full-time at Northwestern Mutual while attending graduate school.

"I’m motivated by impact. My own story of going through struggles is what empowers me to impact others. In the Black community, there is sometimes a lack of financial literacy. What is generational wealth, how do we use credit cards? Often people don't know where to turn for those answers. I now have a chance to be that resource. I can give them direction, at no cost. It's my purpose to make a positive impact in their lives."

Amir Taylor '22

“Amir Taylor is an inspirational leader in and out of the office. He leads by example in every way possible through his determination to succeed, commitment to his clients, and values.”


Molly LeClair, Internship Development Officer