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Nick's avatar

Soon after Nick Pepe '21, G'22 was hired as a marketing analyst at RenderTribe, the marketing agency asked for a headshot. Nick supplied his LinkedIn profile picture which the company used to create his own avatar. 

"I honestly think it looks better than I do in person!"

Each member of the tribe gets their own cartoon, it's part of the initiation which reflects the overall vibe.

"You couldn't ask for a better work environment. They're all very supportive of what we're doing. I hesitate to say 'laid back,' because everyone works incredibly hard. But we're always able to have fun, and when the pressure is high, we can lean on our colleagues."

Nick and his colleagues build out marketing campaigns for their clients that, if all goes well, will resonate with a targeted audience. He then monitors the campaign's effectiveness to ensure the client's budget is spent in the most effective way possible. He loves the job, but he knew he'd love the job. That was the whole point of the internship. 

Nick began his career with RenderTribe, full-time, on June 1, but his association with the company began last summer as an intern. It wasn't his first internship, but it's the one that opened his eyes to the career he wanted to pursue. 

"I did some jobs I didn't like, but that's great, because then you know not to look further into that industry. Then when you find an internship you enjoy, you get to learn from the people who are doing the work. I was able to get my toes wet with the company last year, and I thought the work was super interesting. I'm fortunate it led to a full-time job."

Nick also fits right in with the tribe. The founder of the company, Peter Dean, is a Siena graduate. His kids play lacrosse, and so did Nick, which means there's plenty of lacrosse talk in the office. Plus, another half dozen or so of the roughly 25 employees graduated from Siena. 

"It's fun to work with people who have the same passion you do. We all want to see the company grow and be successful."