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Caroline Clickman '22, G '23 is fully prepared for a career as a forensic specialist, except that's not what she's doing at all. At least not yet. 

"I was so involved on campus. I feel like I've done nothing this past month and a half except catch up on Netflix."

Specifically, Caroline has been binge watching NCIS, which explains her insight into forensics. on June 30th, though, her idle time ended. Caroline began her career as an auditor for KPMG. 

Caroline completed the accelerated accounting 3+1 program this May, which means she graduated with her bachelor's degree and master's degree in four years. As an auditor for KPMG, she'll be assigned to different businesses, mostly publicly traded companies, and she'll confirm their annual financial statements are verified and in compliance with SEC regulations.

Caroline expects to travel to different client sites as well, which she views as a bonus. It's the perfect first job, only it's not the job she accepted last August. 

After two summers interning with a different firm, Caroline accepted a job offer a full year before entering the workforce. Little did she know, a starring role in a campus video would change her professional trajectory. 

In February of this year, as part of the AACSB reaccreditation process for the School of Business, the College produced a video (below) highlighting Siena's business program and its students. Caroline volunteered to be interviewed, and in promoting the program, she touted her own experiences. The video was shared with a partner at KPMG, and he was impressed. 

Weeks later, that same partner attended an event at Siena and met Caroline face-to-face, and he was again impressed. Later that day, he messaged her on LinkedIn to find out if she would be interested in a position at KPMG. 

"I took a tour of their offices, and by the time I got home, I had a job offer waiting. I asked the original company if they could match the offer, and when they said, 'no,' I had a new job."

Caroline believes KPMG is a better fit when she considers her long-term goals. She has an advanced certificate in fraud and digital forensics and would like to work in forensic accounting investigating corporate fraud. She believes KPMG will put her on the right path. Binge watching NCIS was more homework than anything else.    

Caroline won't have any trouble making friends at her new job. Her friends are actually coming with her. KPMG hired four Saints from this may's MSA graduating class. All four will be starting together between now and September.