Call it being sappy, call it being wrapped up in Valentine's Day, call it whatever you'd like...but this time of year, we're all about shouting from the rooftops how much we love Siena. Okay, that's all year, but as more acceptances start to roll out to future Saints, we always wish we could sit down with each of their parents for an honest conversation. A here's-the-deal, here's-what-you-need-to-know chat. This is what we'd tell them.

Dear Parents of a Future Saint,

We feel for you. We know how exciting and tough this time can be for your students (many of us have kids of our own). We know you get SO thrilled when they're accepted to a college they really wanted to get into, and at the same time, you may get a little concerned. As acceptances roll in, you're hoping, praying they choose the school that's right for them. And that they'll go to that school, do well and make you proud. Here's what we can promise you if they choose Siena.

We'll treat them with kindness and respect. At a time when issues of tolerance and respect sometimes take a negative turn in the news, we want you to know that Siena's faculty and staff are made up of compassionate, fair and respectful people. Community is so important to us here. And as diverse as we are, we all believe in kindness. 

We'll nurture their academic curiosities. What we mean by that is: no matter what major your student enrolls as (including Exploring, our term for undecided), we're here to help them navigate their interests as they either deepen or take a turn. We can help them find internships, research opportunities and eventually jobs. We can suggest clubs and organizations to them, or arrange meetings with professors in other departments, should they show interest in switching majors. You don't have to worry that they'll fall off the map or fall behind; we care about their futures, while they're here and after they graduate.

We'll surround them with good people and good times. The nice thing about sending your student to Siena is that we make it pretty clear about the kind of student we look for. Good, honest, generous students. Your son or daughter will create friendships that last a lifetime. And in addition, they'll find that our campus and our location has nearly everything they need for college—a beautiful and safe place to study, professional opportunities, culture, a thriving job market and so many ways to have fun with their friends.

One last promise: if your student chooses Siena, we understand that you're choosing Siena, too. So just as we'll be here for them, we're here for you as well. If you ever have any questions, give us a shout. In the meantime, we'll be preparing your student to lead a life that's meaningful and successful. 

Happy Valentine's Day! 


The Siena Admissions Team

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