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Travis Brodbeck serves as the Associate Director for Data Management of the Siena College Research Institute (SCRI). Mr. Brodbeck’s tenure with SCRI began in 2017 where he worked as a data analysis intern and evolved into a full-time position as the Pre-Election Poll Coordinator following the completion of his Masters in Accountancy and earning a Graduate Certificate in Data and Analytics. Mr. Brodbeck is currently enrolled in a PhD program in Information Science at the State University of New York in Albany.

As the Associate Director of Data Management, Mr. Brodbeck programs phone and web surveys, executes sampling strategy, manages sampling quotas, cleans data, weights data, performs calculations, and presents information in the form of crosstabulations and visualizations. To analyze data, Mr. Brodbeck leverages the power of multiple computing coding languages and applications including algorithms that utilize machine learning.

In addition to his main responsibilities of data collection, analysis, and presentation, Mr. Brodbeck also serves as a faculty member at Siena College teaching accounting courses and community-based research courses. Mr. Brodbeck began teaching in the Fall of 2020 and has taught at both the graduate and undergraduate level at Siena College.

Additionally, Mr. Brodbeck is currently a PhD student at the State University of New York at Albany studying Information Science. Outside of work and school, Mr. Brodbeck volunteers with Delta Sigma Pi serving as the North Atlantic Regional Vice President.

Degree Program University
Graduate Certificate Data and Analytics Siena College
M.S. Accounting Siena College
B.S. Accounting and Economics Siena College

My Professional Experience

Year Title Organization
2022 - Now Associate Director for Data Management Siena College Research Institute
2020 - 2020 Homeless Management Information Systems (HMIS) Systems Analyst Cares of NY, Inc.
2020 - 2020 Pre-election Survey Consultant Siena College Research Institute
2020 - Now Lecturer in Accounting Siena College
2020 - Now Operations Technology Specialist Cares of NY, Inc
2018 - 2020 Pre-election Poll Coordinator Siena College Research Institute