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Office Hours

T 09:00 AM-01:00 PM
W 01:45 PM-02:45 PM

I am a statistician with a strong background in biostatistics, data science, and applied math. My research interests are in the applications of mathematics to medicine. My current studies concentrate on biomarker studies in clinical medicine, genomic and microbiome data analysis, and mathematical modeling of infectious diseases.

I am an associate professor in the Mathematics Department at Siena College and a member of the Data Science Faculty Steering Committee. Before I joined Siena College, I held various teaching and research positions in the Faculty of Medicine at Mugla Sitki Kocman University, the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Vassar College, the Mathematics Department at Southern Illinois University, and the Cancer Institute at West Virginia University.

Degree Program University
Ph.D. Mathematics Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
M.S. Statistics West Virginia University
M.S. Mathematics Bilkent University
B.S. Mathematics and Computer Science Cankaya University

My Professional Experience

Year Title Organization
2022 - Now Associate Professor Siena College
2018 - 2022 Assistant Professor Siena College
2016 - 2018 Assistant Professor Mugla Siki Kocman University Faculty of Medicine
2013 - 2015 Visiting Assistant Professor Vassar College
2008 - 2013 Teaching Assistant Southern Illinois University
2005 - 2008 Research Assistant West Virginia University Cancer Institute

Current Research

I work on a wide range of research projects in mathematical and medical sciences and participate in collaborative research activities with many researchers from different disciplines. My current collaborative research interests are in the areas of neurological disorders and orthopedic surgery. I also have been involved in research in dermatology, cardiac surgery, pathology, radiology, forensic medicine, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, and anesthesiology.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities. Many of my research projects have aspects that are suitable for undergraduate research. I am always very glad to talk with students about the possibility of research projects in applied mathematics and statistics. I'm currently looking for students to work on my projects about the transmission dynamics of vector-borne diseases. If you've completed Calculus II, and want to have research experience, come and see me. 

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