Students in the Market Trading Room

The William R. Raub '85 Market Trading Room, named in memory of Siena College alumnus William R. Raub ’85 who perished in the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.   The Raub Market Trading Room is part of the Douglas T. Hickey ‘77 Financial Technology Center, a suite located in Siena Hall 302, that also houses the Guy '54 and Dorothea Alonge Accounting Lab.

The Market Trading Room offers the latest financial technology used every day in the world’s largest financial trading centers.  The Trading Room provides access to real-time stock market quotations, the latest market news and announcements, as well as analysis.  Detailed current and historical financial information is available for thousands of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  This information allows students and faculty to screen and analyze individual investment options as well as build and track portfolios across time.  Regular instruction and access to these resources provides Siena College students with valuable skills for today’s job market.


The Raub Market Trading Room is staffed by students during the hours of operation.  They are there to assist faculty and students with the tools available within the room.

The Raub Market Trading Room is equipped with 24 student workstations, each with dual 19” LCD displays.  12 are running Bloomberg Professional. All of the workstations have access to leading financial and instructional applications.

The Market Trading Room also features a high-tech podium with a workstation, Smart Podium Display and 2nd LCD, 2 LCD Televisions, LCD World Clock, 2 - 80" Data LCD Data Displays and a full color that display market news and data delivered by Rise Display.