Research in Jewish-Christian studies

The Institute has been able to offset the research and travel expenses for some Siena College faculty doing research in the historical relationships between Christianity and Judaism.

Siena's Biblical Study tour

During the school year 1989-90, the Institute made a small contribution toward the travel expenses of Siena students and faculty traveling to Israel with Dr. Zaas as part of this college-level course. Thanks to the generous support of donors to the Institute, this program has expanded so that the Institute has been able consistently to provide scholarship support to students who would not otherwise be able to participate in these tours.


Franciscan Values:  The effect of the Institute programs has been to make real the Franciscan vision of the College: and to create an atmosphere for learning in which the wealth of human diversity can be celebrated.

Jewish Heritage: These programs have greatly improved the academic environment for Jewish faculty and students, by making research funds available, by improving the library's holdings, and by bringing major scholars to the campus, and in conjunction with the food service and the Vaad HaKashruth of the Jewish Community Federation, to provide kosher food during Institute events.  Funds from the Institute have enabled Siena's library to make annual purchases of research materials, books, and periodicals pertaining to Judaism, and to the historical relationship between Jews and Christians. The library has particularly benefited by being able to purchase research materials on the Holocaust. Following Rabbi Kieval's death, this collection was renamed the Hayyim Kieval Collection and features its own nameplate.

Community Service:  These programs have been of substantial service to the community at large, by creating an opportunity for Jews and Christians to meet together to discuss areas of mutual concern, to express their diversity, and rejoice in their commonalities.