International travel courses are classes held on campus and include an embedded travel component, led by Siena faculty, typically at the end of the fall or spring semester. Traveling as a class for 1-2 weeks, students engage more fully with course material and form a deeper connection with cultures, communities, and academic themes around the world. 



Even if we are unaware, on a regular basis our lives are directly and indirectly impacted by international organizations’ decisions.  On this 13-day long trip, we will familiarize with, and explore, various regional and global international organizations by visiting their headquarters in three European capitals—The Hague (where the International Court of Justice or World Court and International Criminal Court are located); Brussels (headquarters for the European Commission, European Parliament, and NATO), and Luxembourg (hosting the European Investment Bank, EuroStat, and European Translation Center). We will also visit the Schengen village that laid the legal grounds for passport-free travel across the majority of the EU member states and various museums for those who are history-buffs. This unique, 2-credit travel course will introduce students to international organizations, including the most significant and important among them all—the UN—located in NYC!

  • DATES: May 7-19, 2024
  • For more information, contact Dr. Ausra Park (

Unveil the world of international accounting! Immerse yourself in the global accounting landscape with exclusive visits to renowned organizations like Mazars, the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), and Euronext Amsterdam. Extend your learning with potential tours of iconic business and cultural sites such as Arsenal Football Club's Emirates Stadium, Fuller's Brewery, Wimbledon, and more. Elevate your understanding of the harmonization of accounting standards, international financial statement analysis, and the role of taxation in global business. Don't miss this enriching experience—Acquire the skill set to navigate the intricacies of accounting on a global scale.

  • DATES: May 13 - 26, 2024
  • For more information, contact Dr. Elena Isaacson (

This is a cross-listed course which will focus on Irish Identity in literature and history. The course will tour the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland exploring different facets of Irish identity. The travel section of the course will be 10-14 days in May, beginning in Dublin and traveling from there to Belfast and Derry in Northern Ireland, then onto Sligo and Galway in the west of Ireland. This course will count as HEUR and EXPH, the European History and Experiential History attributes.

ITALY, FRANCE & SPAIN: Sport in society

This course will allow students to explore the interconnectedness of sport and society culminating with a cultural trip in May visiting Milan, Nice, Monaco, Nimes, and Barcelona. Specifically, the course will focus on how sport interacts with local communities and various societal institutions such as race, gender, nationalism, ethnicity, religion, politics, history, and more. During the trip, students will meet with industry professionals and famed organizations connected to soccer (Inter Milan, AC Milan, FC Barcelona), Golf, Volleyball, the Olympic Games, Formula 1 (Milan, Barcelona), and Handball. In addition to the academic components of the trip, students will immerse themselves in European sporting culture and experience live sporting events firsthand as well as have an opportunity to participate in several sports along the way.

  • DATES: May 17-27, 2024
  • COST: $5,450
  • For more information, contact Dr. Adam Pfleegor (
poland: trauma and design

Join us in exploring the connection between resilience, trauma and design. Our semester-long journey will lead to an 8-9 day trip to Poland where you'll gain firsthand insights into the lives of people showing remarkable resilience in the face of adversity with a focus on World War II and the current war in Ukraine. You can register for either a psychology or a computer science course, each offering a unique emphasis on either the psychological or technological aspects of our exploration. Throughout the course, we'll explore how trauma from conflict intersects with the world of user experience (UX) design. Through a shared hands-on learning experience students will understand how technology can provide digital solutions to trauma and disability. As a result of this course you will be able to see how bridging empathy, resilience, and inclusive design helps shape an impactful change.



This interdisciplinary course develops the leadership potential of students through the lens of Francis and Clare of Assisi, Bernardine of Siena and the alternative vision of the world they articulated and the movement they inspired. In addition to exploring Siena’s Catholic Identity and the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, this course provides an in-depth and comprehensive orientation to the Franciscan Intellectual Tradition at the heart of Siena College through which students will consider how the wisdom of that tradition might inform their leadership potential to think critically and creatively to engage the questions and issues of today’s complex and globalized world. During winter break, students will experience a pilgrimage to Franciscan Italy and will walk in the footsteps of Saints Francis, Clare, Bernadine and the friars of the early days of the Franciscan movement as well as learn from the friars professing this way of life today.

  • DATES: December 27, 2024 - January 6, 2025
  • COST: $3,400
  • For more information, contact Fr. Mark Reamer (